Camp Survival Kits: Are You Ready for the Great Outdoors?

If summer adventure is on your family’s agenda be sure to pack a camp survival kit. Camp survival kits contain all the “must haves” when setting up a home away from home and can make the difference between misery and comfort, aggravation and enjoyment. Many campgrounds have utilities such as public showers and toilets so your camp survival kit can be tailored to what is available at the campsite. There are however, some essentials.

The first two essentials in a camp survival kit are sunscreen and bug repellent. A nasty case of sunburn can ruin an outdoor vacation quick. Bug spray is also essential if camping or hiking in areas near water. Camping is much more enjoyable when swatting the bugs isn’t an all day event. In addition a camp survival kit should have light, airy clothing for daytime lounging about and more rugged, warm clothing at night when it cools down.

Your camp survival kit might also contain a fire starting kit of some kind. Fresh caught fish from the lake or stream (if permitted) taste wonderful cooked over an open fire and S’mores are a classic no one can pass up. A fire is a nice way to add a little extra warmth and light to the end of your day and serves as the swapping ground for stories and memories.

Another safe addition to your camp survival kit is a basic first aid kit. Nicks, cuts, scrapes and bruises and the like are badges of honor when enjoying the great outdoors and if left untreated can cause general discomfort. Other miscellaneous gear to add to your camp survival kit include a portable cooking stove or tarps, especially if using a tent without a rain fly. Remember most tents are water resistant, not waterproof.

Another thing not to overlook in your camp survival kit is trash bags and other items needed to clean up the campsite. Courtesy follows courtesy. Take the time to clean up the campsite and try to leave it looking nice for the next family to enjoy it as well.

In conclusion when preparing your camp survival kit think on the amenities you have at home and how that translates to your campsite, be it food, shelter, water, fire (heat) or entertainment. Above are listed some necessities and suggestions though much more should be added to make a complete checklist. And remember that utilizing a camp survival kit is about trial and error and if you forget something on your first camp outing, chances are you’ll not forget the same thing twice.

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