Emergency Preparedness Kit: Are You Ready?

Prepare yourself for both the best and the worst that life has to offer with an emergency preparedness kit. Whether an act of nature or an act of chance disaster is poised to strike the prepared and unprepared alike. Prior proper planning can avoid serious consequences down the road. Whether purchasing a preassembled emergency preparedness kit, assembling your own, or modifying one the same basic rules apply.

Any emergency preparedness kit you rely on must help in providing food, water, shelter (or heat) and first aid for at least three days. Commonly found online are two-person 72 hour kits conveniently packaged in a large backpack. This can give you a framework to follow for building your own or are fine as is. Just remember for each person using the kit it should have three days rations.

Whether building or buying an emergency preparedness kit be sure to add the finishing touches to it by taking into consideration your own special needs. If you have children be sure to include things such as diapers or formula. Ask your doctor for extra prescriptions especially those for high blood pressure or diabetes. For adults and kids alike, games, books and other items to help keep spirits high are a good idea if space allows. Think about what you would need if you were “roughing it” for a few days.

Once the emergency preparedness kit is finalized select an easily accessible storage point. Make sure everyone using the kit knows where it is and, when age appropriate, how to use the different components. Practicing what to do in an emergency is much like practicing a fire drill; when the real need arises knowing what to do can help avert panic. About every six months or so check your emergency preparedness kit and be mindful of the expirations of food, prescriptions, and batteries.

The most important element to an emergency preparedness kit is you and the attitude you bring towards surviving emergencies. Remember that emergencies are temporary disturbances to everyday life and while there may be lasting consequences there will come a day when you can put the emergency preparedness kit back in the hallway closet return the comforts of work, school, family, and fun. Just keep your spirits high.

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