Gift Survival Kits: Give the Gift That Saves!

Gift survival kits are a new twist on the traditional form of care packages. Gift survival kits are custom gifts designed to be personalized to the recipient according to his or her station in life. These kits can be oriented toward career or personal circumstances and are a great way to flex your creative muscle and show someone you care.

Gift survival kits can be relatively inexpensive. In many cases the price doesn’t make a better gift. More often than not it’s the thought that’s put behind the gift. The first step in creating your own gift survival kit is to determine whether it’s to be more humorous or serious. A chemotherapy survival kit is going to be more serious than a college survival kit. The second thing to consider is what to pack it in. Baskets, jars, holiday tins and gift bags are just some examples.

Be sure to include an insert explaining the meaning behind each item in your gift survival kit. Common examples include a rubber band, to remind you to be more flexible, marbles, to replace the ones you’ve lost, a toothpick, to pick out the good in everyone, or string, to help tie up loose ends. The important thing is that each item you include contains meaning. They should serve like strings around the finger, reminding them to take a step back from their situation to alleviate some of the stresses of life.

Gift survival kits offer distinct advantages to overused gift ideas such as gift cards. One knock against gift cards is that they can be too impersonal. There is no limit to who a gift survival kit can be given to. New mother survival kits, working girl survival kits, teacher survival kits, bridal survival kit, and marriage survival just to name a few.

When making or buying your gift survival kit just remember the following considerations, the first of which is cost. A gift survival kit for near any occasion can be purchased or assembled for $25-$50. Remember that the purpose of these gifts is to help alleviate a source of stress in a friend’s life without making light of that fact. With these things in mind you can give the gift of survival year round

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