Military Survival Kits: Survive Like the Soldiers

Every branch of the US Military has their own version of a military survival kit based primarily on what conditions will be encountered. An airman, for instance will be in need of a much different survival kit than a Coast Guard shipman. Thanks to establishments such as army surplus stores, military survival kits and gear are commercially available to the general consumer. The equipment contained in these kits are often more expensive than their commercial counterparts but are most often of better quality.

Many military survival kits can be purchased fully assembled. If this is the case, be certain that you know everything the kit contains. Many older military survival kits came available with Morphine, Codeine, or amphetamines. The average consumer will not have legal license to be in possession of these things, so be on the safe side and ask the supplier to make certain these substances are removed from the kit before shipment.

But a military survival kit will contain many other components that come in handy. These kits don’t often look much different from other survival kits. A military survival kit will include afire starting kit such as flint and a hacksaw blade (for striking), wrist compass, space blanket, food, water collection bags and purification tablets, lock blade knives and razors, basic first aid supplies, snare wire and fishing line and survival instructions.

One key difference between a civilian survival kit and a military survival kit is that the military survival kit is designed to balance two objectives which must be achieved sometimes simultaneously; escape and evasion from the enemy and detection from the rescue crew. It also focuses in high calorie foods in addition to things such as salt and glucose tablets for water retention and increased energy. A word of caution, though an MRE can be eaten hot or cold, the jury is out as to how well they taste properly heated, much less cold, though all food is vacuum sealed and precooked.

So whether you are in a combat situation or just in want of some better gear a military survival kit might be what you are looking for in terms of reliability, portability and sustainability. MRE meals have been tested to be of substantial nutritional value beyond ten years of it production date and after a day or two of extreme conditions can taste pretty good in comparison. All in all a military survival kit will provide a measure of safety and success in the face of adversity so you can live to fight another day.

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