Mini Survival Kits: Can Small Still Be Effective?

Mini survival kits match space saving technology and basic survival ingenuity in to provide a bare bones survival if all else is lost. They are designed to be adaptable to any environment and are intended to aid in the procurement of the basic essentials of survival; food, water, fire, shelter, first aid and recovery (rescue).

For the procurement of food and water a mini survival kit might contain something along the lines of an eye dropper filled with bleach or iodine tablets for purification. A plastic sheet can be used to collect morning dew. For food a mini survival kit might contain fishing/snare wire, high energy/protein bars.

For the procurement of fire a mini survival kit can be made with anything from waterproof matches to flint and steel to magnesium, tinder, such as cotton balls caked with petroleum jelly or candles. As a side note, tallow candles can also be used as an emergency food source.

To meet the need for shelter a mini survival kit might house a space blanket. One side is designed for retaining heat and the opposite side can be used to aid in signaling. In either event it will help keep you warm and dry. A mini survival kit might also contain a saw and all purpose cord (such as Paracord) for building temporary shelter.

Due to constraints of space a mini survival kit might not be comprehensive enough to cover all first aid needs, but basics should include bandages (especially steristrips or gauze) disinfectants such as alcohol wipes. In a pinch, super glue can be used to close wounds.

If possible try to include sections of reference guides in your mini survival kit. A guide to edible plants and berries or a chapter on natural first aid alternatives can prove vital in increasing your odds for survival.

Lastly a miniature survival kit will be designed to secure rescue. It can include several signaling devices such as a whistle, mirror (even the tin can be polished and used for that purpose) or it can contain a local map and compass for navigating back to civilization. And if indeed you find yourself stumbling back into civilization after a long stay in the wilderness then both you and your mini survival kit proved up the challenge of the day.

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