Why Survival Kits?

A survival kit falls under the category of something you’d prefer to have and not need than need and not have. Whether facing down adventure gone awry or just found to be in the wrong place at the wrong time or if mother nature throws a temper tantrum disasters and emergency situations can emerge. Yes these situations can be potentially life threatening but a well stocked survival kit can help minimize the dangers involved in the aftermath of a disaster or emergency.

Survival kits can either be built, bought, or modified to meet the needs of an individual, family, or workplace. When narrowing down the options of survival kits organizations such as the American Red Cross can offer resources and suggestions to complete the package. True they help put lives back together after disasters but also place a great deal of emphasis on community awareness and preparedness for disasters.

When venturing into the wilderness take a survival kit that either brings food, water, shelter, heat, light, and first aid with you or provides the tools necessary to obtain these things along the trail. One of the most common complications of wilderness experiences is exposure to the elements such as hypothermia or sun stroke. As a precaution always travel with a companion since one can tend to the other in an emergency. Also if possible inform someone of your intended route and itinerary. If lost this can help rescuers find you.

Keep a survival kit in your car especially if driving through remote areas. If poor driving conditions force your vehicle off the road you may need to use it as a shelter. Remember you are often more safe with your vehicle than you are trying to hike for help if a town is several miles distant.

Survival kits will not prevent disasters but they can prevent disaster from becoming demise. The most commonly overlooked component of a survival kit is yourself and the mindset that you confront it with. Despair kills. It is said that making mistakes is part of survival and that overcoming those mistakes is survival as well. Know that disasters and emergencies are temporary disturbances and your survival kit is designed to pull you through them.

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